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Your Uninstaller! PRO 6.1

The best option when comes to make totally clean uninstallations
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7.5.2014 (See all)

No doubt, the best way to decide if a program is really good for what you need, or a game cover all the expectations you have on it, is installing it on your system.
The problem comes when you want to uninstall all that demos, trial versions and everything else, that in some way leave traces in your system; executing processes that cannot be deleted, empty folders, shortcuts that doesn't work anymore, invalid entries in Windows Registry, etc.
Your Uninstaller! is the best option when comes to make totally clean uninstallations and forget forever the undesirable traces that could affect the overall performance of your PC. It's also capable of edit and delete the options that show up in the Internet Explorer's context menu, clean the temporary file system, or select the programs that you want to execute at system startup. Just about anything! Use the step-by-step system of Your Uninstaller! every time you want to uninstall a program and forget about problems.
The trial version have some limitations: It is functional for a 21-day period, and only uninstalls two programs per session. There is a new version available for trial at the developer's site.
To use this software you'll need Win98/98SE/Me/2000/XP/Vista.

Daniel Zambrano
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